Discover Panne this season and refine your staple selections with an incredibly chic and versatile fabrication available in two cult styles. 

Designed to make your life simple-yet-beautiful, Panne is a fresh Composition of: 63% Nylon, 26% Cotton & 11% Lycra. Take your travelling wardrobe to the next level and introduce this logically luxe fabrication to your closet now! 

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  1. $299.00 299
    Mela Purdie Panne Tailored Legging 1448F45
  2. $299.00 299
    Mela Purdie Panne Straight Cut Pant 1449F45
  3. $280.00 280
    Mela Purdie Panne Cropped Cut Pant 1451F45
  4. $299.00 299
    Mela Purdie Panne Wide Cut Pant 1452F45
  5. $280.00 280
    Mela Purdie Panne Cropped Legging 1458F45
  6. $215.00 215
    Mela Purdie Panne Mid Skirt 5653F45
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