Prene Bags

Prene Bags invision the ultimate range of carry all bags in the form of the authentic perforated neoprene fabrication. Designed for simplicity and utility there is not many occasions that would not call upon the luxurious design and style of a Prene Bag. Australian owned and designed, Prene Bags are slowly becoming the staple piece in every travelling wardrobe providing purpose and style no matter the destination.

 Machine washable, strong, beautifully detailed design alongside the ultimate durability its the seasonal bag to continue collecting as each new colour arrives. 

  1. $99.95 99.95
    Prene Bags The Brighton Bag BRIGHTON
  2. $99.95 99.95
    Prene Bags The Sorrento Bag SORRENTO
  3. $59.95 59.95
    Prene Bags The Pixie Cross-Body Bag PIXIE
  4. Prene Bags The X Bag new label
    $139.95 139.95
    $139.95 139.95
    Prene Bags The X Bag XBAG
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